Sustainable business partners

The Sustainable Business Partner (SBP) initiative actively promotes social responsibility and good environmental performance through our supply chain.

Sustainable business partners

Through this initiative, we seek to work with business partners that maintain business standards and practices in-line with our company values.

The SBP initiative is based primarily on British American Tobacco’s Statement of Business Principles and on its Philosophy for Supplier Partnerships. The following core belief supporting the business principle of Mutual Benefit anchors this initiative: “We believe that suppliers and business partners should have the opportunity to benefit from their relationship with us.”

We believe that each of our business partners has the responsibility to manage its employment practices, demonstrate respect for universally recognised human rights and address the environmental impacts associated with its activities in accordance with its own business standards, values and legislative requirements.

We also believe that we should promote such sustainable business practices through our supply chain.

This initiative was developed in response to an expectation raised by suppliers through our Social Reporting dialogue sessions.

Our approach to a sustainable supply chain

British American Tobacco Australia’s Sustainable Business Partner (SBP) initiative:

  • Informs and engages business partners through the Sustainable Business Partner policy
  • Evaluates business partners’ social and environmental performance through the Sustainable Business Partner Assessment
  • Maintains credibility and integrity through a review process

Download the Sustainable Business Partner policy (150 kb)