Evaluation and audits

The Sustainable Business Partner (SBP) Assessment is a simple checklist of business practices, now incorporated into business partner engagement processes such as the Request for Proposal (RFP).

Evaluation and audits

Business partners are asked to complete the SBP Assessment by identifying the practices that are applicable to them. The practices include reference to:

  • Labour standards
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Corporate governance
  • Environmental performance

It should be noted that by requesting this information, we do not aim to exclude potential business partners. We are focused on limiting any potential business risks for British American Tobacco Australia and seeking to work with companies with similarly aligned values.

The SBP Assessment enables us to identify such companies. Furthermore, we seek to work with business partners to improve non-conforming business practices by setting mutually agreeable actions and timeframes with the appropriate business partner.

Since 2008 a minimum number of random audits have been undertaken on completed supplier SBP Assessments each year, requiring submissions of full documentation on policies and practices claimed via the submitted SBP Assessments. This is intended to strengthen the overall initiative and identify potential non-conformance.

Download the Sustainable Business Partner assessment (93 kb)