Corporate social investment

Helping to make a difference. Our companies have long supported local community and charitable projects.

We approach corporate social investment (CSI) as an end in itself, rather than as a way to promote ourselves.

Our companies have always been closely identified with the communities where they operate.

Local community needs are as diverse as the communities themselves. That’s why we manage our CSI activities at a local level, ensuring we support the most appropriate projects and maximise their value.

'Making a Difference'

Since 2001, we have gradually moved towards a programme of social investment focusing on enhanced community partnerships, environmental stewardship and employee involvement. In 2003, we launched the ‘Making a Difference’ programme which further consolidates the three focus areas identified in 2001, while allowing for an element of ad-hoc charitable contributions, still needed in the community.

The programme aims to create long term sustainability through the development of ongoing partnerships with nationally recognised non-government organisations. We are very proud to be currently working with:

Mission Australia

Formed over 150 years ago, Mission Australia is one of the nation's leading community services organisations. Mission Australia operates over 550 community and employment services from 350 locations across all states and territories. Mission Australia focuses on strengthening families, and striving to solve homelessness. In 2011, Mission Australia helped to transform the lives of over 300,000 disadvantaged Australians by providing a hand-up, a way forward, and hope for a brighter future.


Our Workplace Giving Programme allows employees of British American Tobacco Australia to make regular donations direct from their pre-tax pay to their choice of eight employee-nominated charities who do important work on welfare issues, the environment, family and youth development and disability support.

These charities are: Mission Australia, Conservation Volunteers Australia, Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter, Northcott, and Assistance Dogs Australia.

British American Tobacco Australia employees choose to make a difference through our Workplace Giving Program either through payroll contributions or through approved on-site fundraising programs.


We provide all our employees one day’s paid leave and flexible working arrangements to enable them to participate in volunteer work.