For centuries, ingredients have been added to tobacco to control moisture, maintain quality and balance the natural tobacco taste.

We want consumers and governments to know the facts about ingredients used by our companies in the manufacture of cigarettes, cigars, Fine Cut tobacco, pipe tobacco and smokeless snus.

The primary component of all our companies’ traditional products is of course tobacco and the character, flavour and aroma is determined mostly by the tobaccos used. In fact, cigarette brands can contain many kinds of tobacco – blending different types of leaf from many growing regions and harvests.

Certain food-type ingredients, or flavourings, are added to balance the natural tobacco taste, often replacing sugars lost in the curing process. Several of the flavourings used are recognised food stuffs, such as sugar, while others are derived from natural herbs and spices or their essential oils.

The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, and the Australian tobacco companies, including British American Tobacco Australia, entered into a Voluntary Agreement for the Disclosure of the Ingredients of Cigarettes in December 2000.

Under the Voluntary Agreement, the three major Australian tobacco companies have provided annual reports to the Government disclosing the ingredients in cigarettes. British American Tobacco Australia also provides this to the public.

2007 Ingredients Disclosure BATA 2007 (458 kb) 
2008 Ingredients Disclosure BATA 2008 (288 kb) 
2009 Ingredients Disclosure BATA 2009 (482 kb) 
2010 Ingredients Disclosure BATA 2010 (247 kb) 
2011 Ingredients Disclosure BATA 2011 (237 kb) 
2012 Ingredients Disclosure BATA 2012 (305 kb) 
2013 Ingredients Disclosure BATA 2013 (511 kb) 
2014 Ingredients Disclosure BATA 2014 (476 kb) 
2015 Ingredients Disclosure BATA 2015 (527 kb) 

As with many consumer products, precise ingredient 'recipes' used in individual brands are valuable trade secrets protected from competitors. While tobacco companies maintain commercial confidentiality, we continue to cooperate with the Australian Government in providing the information they need for regulatory assessment.

You can find out what’s in your brand by visiting  to see ingredients by country and brand.

Exploding the myths

We want to stress that:

  • All tobacco products pose risks to health. But based on available scientific evidence, the ingredients our companies use, at the levels used, do not add to the health risks of smoking. Nor do they encourage people to start smoking or affect a person’s ability to quit.
  • Ingredients are not added to make our tobacco products appealing to children, and there is no evidence that they have this effect.
  • Although ingredients in some types of cigarettes include sugars, cocoa and fruit extracts, they do not create a sweet, chocolate-like or fruity taste in the smoke. In short, our cigarettes still taste like cigarettes and not sweets or candy.
  • Nicotine is not added to tobacco products – it occurs naturally in tobacco.

The evidence

We support restrictions and prohibitions on certain ingredients if the science proves they either increase the toxicological effect of tobacco products, enhance the pharmacological effects of nicotine or encourage underage smoking.

Read more about Ingredients bans on our Group website.