Our purpose and strategy

The BAT Group set out an inspiring purpose for the whole company when it introduced its evolved strategy in March 2020.

The Group’s purpose is to build A Better Tomorrow through offering a greater choice of enjoyable and less risky products for our consumers.

It will evolve its growth model through the development of a portfolio in tobacco, nicotine and beyond, meeting consumers’ evolving needs for enjoyment and satisfaction.

While cigarettes will be at the core of its business for some time to come, the Group aims to generate an increasingly greater proportion of revenue from products other than cigarettes and so reduce the health impact of its business.

Consequently, the Group has evolved its strategy to put a sharper focus on delivering a step change in New Categories performance, fuelled by investment from the continued delivery of its combustible business.

This will deliver a better tomorrow for consumers who will have a range of enjoyable and potentially less risky choices for every mood and moment; for society through reducing the overall health and environmental impacts of our business; for employees by creating a dynamic and purposeful place to work; and for shareholders by delivering sustainable superior returns.

You can read more about our Group’s purpose and strategy on our corporate website, bat.com