People and culture

Inspiring, challenging and diverse. Great people and an engaging culture are key to our success.

A snapshot of our people and culture

  • More than 55,000 people employed worldwide, with more than 1000 employees  in  Australasia
  • More than 80% of our people would recommend BAT as a place to work
  • 84% of our people tell us they are proud to work for BAT
  • 95% of our Australasia employees completed our employee opinion survey

Proud to be a Top Employer

In 2019, BAT Australia was named one of Australia’s Top 3 employers by the Top Employers Institute.

We are proud that this is the third consecutive year we’ve been named a Top Employer in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region, and globally. This honour recognises our commitment to best-in-class people practices, learning and development, growing the careers of 55,000 people worldwide. We have also been recognised for our support for working parents.

Top Employer certification is conducted annually by the Top Employers Institute, an independent organisation that studies the employee offerings of major employers around the world.

The BAT Ethos

A key driver to delivering our purpose to build A Better Tomorrow is our ethos, which guides behaviours across the entire BAT Group.

Our ethos is the thread that must run through everything we do and how we do it, and you can watch the animation below for more.

We are bold

We are bold

  • Dream big – with innovative ideas.
  • Make tough decisions quickly and proudly stand accountable for them.
  • Resilient and fearless to compete.
We are fast

We are fast

  • Speed matters. Set clear direction and move fast.
  • Keep it simple. Focus on outcomes.
  • Learn quickly and share learnings.
We are empowered

We are empowered

  • Set the context for our teams and trust their expertise.
  • Challenge each other. Once in agreement, we commit collectively.
  • Collaborate and hold each other accountable to deliver.
We are diverse

We are diverse

  • Value different perspectives.
  • Build on each others’ ideas, knowledge and experiences.
  • Challenge ourselves to be open-minded recognising unconscious bias.
We are responsible

We are responsible

  • Take action to reduce the health impact of our business.
  • Ensure the best quality products for our consumers, the best place to work for our people, and the best results for shareholders.
  • Act with integrity, never compromising our standards and ethics.