Working with retailers

Strong relationships are key

Trade marketing is a large part of our activity – managing business-to-business relationships with the retailers who sell our products. We place as strong an emphasis on being a high quality supplier to the trade as we do on working to ensure high standards among our own suppliers.

We have around 26,000 trade marketing and distribution employees globally, who work with retailers and develop mutually beneficial partnerships.

We’re always working to ensure we are the partner of choice to the trade wherever we do business. We work to operate in the most efficient and effective way so retailers can offer the products our consumers want to buy, where they want them, when they want them, at the right quality, price and quantity.

It is the nature of our industry that we do business with a substantial cross section of customers, ranging from the largest retail corporations to small independent shop owners.

As well as many hundreds of regional and local customers, we work with key customers at a global level. Their very large businesses are mainly in the grocery, convenience and petrol station convenience channels.

We also measure retail customers’ satisfaction through our Customer Voice programme, which provides in-depth qualitative understanding of retail customer’s attitudes, perceptions and factors that drive opinions about the BAT experience.

You can read more about our global approach to working with retailers here .