We want consumers and governments to know the facts about what ingredients we use in all our products.

The primary component of all our companies’ traditional products is tobacco, which determines the character, aroma and taste. In fact, cigarette brands can blend different types of tobacco leaf from a range of harvests and regions.

For centuries, ingredients have been added to tobacco to control moisture, maintain quality and balance the natural tobacco taste. These ingredients are called flavourings, and are all recognised and approved food products (such as sugar, which does not sweeten tobacco), or natural herbs, spices and oils.

Since the year 2000, Australia’s tobacco industry has committed to a voluntary agreement to disclose all cigarette ingredients to the Department of Health and Ageing as well as the general public.

You can view our current ingredients disclosures through the Department of Health website. 

You can find out what’s in your brand by visiting   to see ingredients by country and brand.

Exploding the myths

We want to stress that:

  • All tobacco products pose risks to health. But our ingredients do not add to the health risks of smoking nor do they prevent people from quitting.
  • Ingredients are not added to make our tobacco products appealing to children, and there is no evidence that they have this effect.
  • Although ingredients in some types of cigarettes may include sugars, cocoa and fruit extracts, they do not create a sweet, chocolate or fruity taste in the smoke. In short, our cigarettes still taste like cigarettes and not sweets or candy.
  • Nicotine is not added to any of our tobacco products, it occurs naturally in all varieties of tobacco plants.

Read more about Ingredients bans  on our Group website.